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Weekend Photo Review

Posted by on January 29, 2012

Just a simple look back on our weekend through the lens of my iPhone.  :)

Friday night LATE one of our 70 foot oaks came crashing down in our backyard.  It missed our house and deck completely and missed our neighbors fence with 3 feet to spare.  This tree gave me a really good scare – it was incredibly loud and shook the house!

View from house

Top of tree


Saturday was spent cleaning up some of the damage.  The baby and I “supervised” from the deck!

Supervising Dad

Plenty of excitement– which will now be followed by lots of hard work as Don gets that thing chopped up to fuel our woodstove next winter.   I’m secretly hoping that this gives us a GARDEN spot in our yard!

And…..that was our entire weekend, according to my camera!

Anything exciting happen to you over the weekend?


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