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Weaning – No Time Soon

Posted by on March 16, 2012

 This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom
and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined & The Gnome’s Mom

Today’s topic:  Weaning

*WARNING*  Just so you know, everyone — their mom, cousin twice removed, dog, cat, and goldfish — are going to have an OPINION on when YOU should wean your baby.  I think weaning is a personal decision between mom & baby and everyone else should just butt out.

I try not to agonize over weaning or when/if he will ever wean, but society doesn’t make it easy for a nursing mama!   The next time someone asks me when I’m going to wean my 8.5 mo old, I might just throw something at them….Hmmm, I’ve got plenty of dirty diapers.  He still breastfeeds every 2-3 hours so obviously he’s not ready to wean anytime soon.  I try to politely remind people that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends “exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months, with continuation of breastfeeding for 1 year or longer as mutually desired by mother and infant.”  Pediatrics Vol. 129 No. 3 March 1, 2012

Honestly, most people just do NOT get it!  The #1 Weaning Myth complete strangers love to tell me is:

  • “If you don’t wean by 12 months you’ll be nursing that baby until he’s 5 years!”

WHAT?!  Where do people get this stuff from….. breastfeeding isn’t all or nothing so I’m sure there’s no magical “weaning” date either.  In fact, if you nurse beyond 12 months your baby is still getting all the nutritional, immunological, and emotional benefits of breastfeeding that they did as a newborn (Dr. Saenz Tips#15)

Breast milk will start to decline gradually with the introduction of more solid foods as your child ages.  This is the natural process and the way it is supposed to work!  This is the way I envision the weaning process happening for us.

Bottom line – I’m not weaning this baby anytime soon!


When did you wean?  Was it an easy experience or difficult for you?

2 Responses to Weaning – No Time Soon

  1. Crystal

    I totally agree! As you know my little man turned 1 recently. Several of my friends and family members have been asking me everytime they see me when I’m going to stop or give him “regular” milk. I reply “when he is ready!” I have decided he wil be ready when he can take a sippy cup without trouble. As of now he is still chewing on it, so it will still be a few months though I’m sure. Not going to rush him