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They did and we did too!

Posted by on December 29, 2011

This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom.

This week’s topic:  We Made It- 52 Weeks of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop 

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I can’t believe the Breastfeeding Blog Hop has been going for a year!  WOW!  Hats off to the wonderful ladies that started it.

I first found this blog hop in July when I was struggling with nursing my newborn son.  I had just been asked to give him formula for a week , while I pumped & dumped, then hope he would go back to nursing!

Thankfully I found these articles:

we made it!- 6months breastfeeding by The Gnomes Mom

I Wish I Would Have Known by The Slacker Mom

After reading these articles I was hooked on this blog hop!  I needed their knowledge, stories, and humor to survive my own nursing troubles.


We did it!  We have survived our breastfeeding woes 5.5 months and still going STRONG!!!!

November 2011

We made it #1:  We started out this nursing journey by “pumping & dumping” 12x per day during the second week after my son was born due to an antibiotic episode (read about it here).  Talk about traumatic!  To be told by everyone that your supply was making your baby sick and you HAD to use formula.  To listen to your baby cry for hours and know that THE BEST thing for your baby is YOU!  During those 4.5 days plenty of people told me that it was “ok if nursing didn’t work” or “breastfeeding doesn’t work for everyone.”   After those comments I was more DETERMINED that it was going to work for us!  I was going to find a way!!!  And I did. He hasn’t had one drop of formula since.

We made it #2:  Thrush that lasted for an eternity!  Sure it was ONLY 3 months, but it felt like an eternity.  What’s thrush???  um…. it’s a yeast infection that felt like a hornet stinging me on the boobs!  It didn’t matter if the baby was latched on or not it was relentless pain.  Putting a bra on would bring tears from the pain.  The first time I complained I was told that it would “go away” and it was sometimes normal for new breastfeeding moms to feel “discomfort” all I needed to do was be patient.  I accepted this until it got excruciating!  I sought help from my OBGYN and got some meds.  When that didn’t work I mentioned it to our pediatrician who gave my son meds.  The level of care I was able to obtain locally was NOT helpful!  We packed our diaper bag and headed off to the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic.  With their help and encouragement we fought off the PAIN (in a week) and then the thrush!

We made it # 3:   Figuring out the super fussy baby problem through scientific diaper examination and dairy elimination.  No one was worried but US that our baby was having green, mucous laden diapers or that he cried ALL THE TIME.  I was informed plenty of times that “babies cry a lot!”   I knew that over 16 hrs a day of crying, turning red/purple in the face, fussy, explosive gas, and yucky diapers was NOT normal.  I mentioned this to Dr Saenz (at the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic) during our visit for thrush.  She suggested going dairy free, but I didn’t take that advise for a few more weeks.  Why?  Good question, I didn’t want to believe that my supply was hurting my baby (see #1).  When I did eliminate dairy completely I wished I had started out that way. We just celebrated 80 days of dairy free & a normal baby!

We made it #4: Oversupply semi-conquered at 5 months!  Yes, OVERsupply.  This has been a major inconvenience to all our nursing woes.  The best description I can give is one that was given to me….. Imagine latching onto a fire hydrant and that’s something like how your baby feels.  POOR BABY!  I’m not sure it was that bad, but with these helpful tips we were able to move past it…..sorta.

We made it #5: Vasospasms rocked our world a month ago.  At first I thought he was biting down, but I quickly realized that I felt PINCHING all the time not just when baby was nursing.  I had hoped it would just go away, but it got worse!  So…. you guessed it, we packed our bag and went to the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic.  I’m now on some lovely meds/vitamins, the spasms seem to be going away, and I’m pain free once more.


How long will we make it?  I don’t know!

How long do I want to make it?  ALL the way!!!!

19 Responses to They did and we did too!

  1. Lori

    CONGRATS! 5.5 months is incredible! You need to throw a party to celebrate all that you have overcome so far. And know that it just keeps getting easier mama!

    • suzanne

      Thank you! Seriously, if I hadn’t found your post I don’t know what would have happened. We are celebrating the 6 month mark for sure!

  2. Jade

    Wow! You are amazing. 4 kids later and I never had any of those complications. I’m not sure I would have perservered like you did!

    • suzanne

      You’ve nursed FOUR kids, to me that is amazing!!!! I bet you would totally have stuck with it and found a way.

  3. Liz

    Way to stick it out! Your going to help so many new moms by sharing your story.

    • suzanne

      I sure hope it helps someone out there! Just knowing it happens and you can get through it makes such a huge difference in sticking with it during those early days.

  4. The Slacker Mom

    3 months of Thrush- BTDT and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! as soon as you think it’s gone you see that tell-tale white patch and you know it’s starting all over again. Ugh.

    Awesome job sticking it out through much adversity. Nice job ;)

    • suzanne

      Thanks! He never had those white patches so the local docs didn’t think he had thrush. It took a breastfeeding doc to figure it out & grapefruit seed extract.

  5. clickclackgorilla

    Wow, congratulations at getting past all those hurdles! Hope things remain smooth for the rest of the ride!