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The THREE Month Bump

Posted by on March 22, 2012

 This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom
and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined & The Gnome’s Mom

Today’s topic:  Road Bumps

Never once did I think it was going to be such a struggle for me to breastfeed!  It’s the natural way for crying out loud!

We had five bumps in the first five months:

  1. pumping and dumping for 4.5 days & formula supplementation
  2. three months of thrush
  3. dairy intolerance
  4. vasospasms
  5. oversupply

I wrote about all of these earlier challenges & successes  They did and we did too!

The biggest hurdle of those five was more of a MOUNTAIN than a bump -  we endured three long months of thrush!  It started as a pinching, burning, feeling with the latch at the beginning of every feed.  The first time I complained I was told that it would “go away” and “it was sometimes normal for new breastfeeding moms to feel discomfort” all I needed to do was be patient.

I accepted this until it got excruciating!  I started to cry every time my baby would need to eat and I was using my best labor breathing just to feed him.  I started to demand help.  It wasn’t until I was crying when my bra or shirt touched me that I finally got some medication from my OBGYN.   However, that was just a topical treatment for me and when that didn’t work I mentioned it to our pediatrician who gave my son meds.  I bounced back and forth between these two doctors for a MONTH before I got angry.   My son showed no signs of thrush so his doctor was hesitant to do any major treatments even though I showed symptoms.

I was desperate to find an expert ASAP.   The level of care I was able to obtain locally was NOT helpful!   Our IBCLC gave me the number of the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic, I made an appointment, packed our diaper bag and drove 4 hours for our first visit.  Keep in mind that my son was 5 weeks old when we made our first road trip and it was not easy.  After our first week of treatment under the care of the MBMC the pain was manageable.   It wasn’t a singular treatment that cured it, but an ongoing battle for 3 months!  I think that the onset of winter was one of the biggest factor in being able to stop the thrush. 

I had lots of support and encouragement that really helped me stick with the treatment plan and keep going during our biggest road bump.  The ladies from our breastfeeding support group checked up on me to see how things were going and promised that things would get better.  My husband helped me dose our newborn with medicine, waited at the drugstore for refills, and stayed positive that a full recovery was soon, very soon!  It was a very good thing that I had all this external support because at one point I had convinced myself that thrush was a war that I might not win…….  but we won!

Now that  spring is here it’s getting hot and humid in the south again, I am nervous!  One of the major factors in our case of thrush was my oversupply compounded by the hot and humid southern summer that made the perfect environment for thrush.  I’m SUPER NERVOUS that the thrush will return and I will have to go through this battle all over again during the last three months of my one year goal.


Did you encounter any bumps while breastfeeding?  I’d love to hear about them!

7 Responses to The THREE Month Bump

  1. Heather McCurdy

    We had Thrush too, what a nasty nasty thing. I had to change my diet completely, which was a good thing (Thrush as you know is caused by an overproduction of Yeast in your body) one way to reduce/get rid of it is to not eat anything with yeast in it. Thrush then caused milk blisters. Oh lands alive. But kept going :) Thanks ladies for sharing the stories, makes the rest of us feel good about sticking to what we believe in.

    • Suzanne

      Thrush is caused by an organism named Candida albicans which is not the same yeast that is in food. Check out this great link to the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinics page on Thrush. Although a healthy diet does help in maintain levels of good bacteria!

      Congrats for sticking with it, I know that can be really hard!

  2. Jenny K

    I thought I had thrush once, but it turned out I didn’t and it was just a sensitivity to the plastic on the pump flanges. I’m so sorry that you had to endure that! You’ve got great determination to go 4 hours to get another opinion! Good for you! :)

  3. Naya

    Wow, 3 months of thrush?! I can’t imagine how you got through it! DS and I had it twice in a month when he was a few weeks old and that was unbearable. Way to go, mama!

  4. Jessica

    I went through a similar process with my daughter, although she was born in October so at least we didn’t have the heat to deal with. I think she basically came home from the hospital with thrush and we tried everything to get rid of it. After oral nystatin and gentian violet didn’t work, the pediatrician put her on diflucan. At that point I called my OB and insisted that I should be treated too…by that time I was having weird shooting pains in my armpits. Fortunately they listened to me and we were finally able to get rid of it with both of us being treated at the same time. Lucky for me it has been smooth sailing with baby #2, he’s almost 6 months old, still exclusively breast feeding and never had a problem.

    • Suzanne

      That sounds just like the treatment ordeal we went through. I’m glad baby #2 has been easier for you!