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The Teething Traveler

Posted by on April 27, 2012

I made it to my parents house!

I, miraculously, survived the 6 hour car ride with a teething baby.  When we stopped to nurse and change diapers I tried to give him some time out of the car seat and I kept his medicine on schedule, but the Wild Child cried the last 3 hours of the trip.  I felt so bad for him!  We stopped twice during those last hours in the car for him to get out and look around.  One stop was at a beautiful state park in Arkansas where we strolled around and watched other children feed the ducks.  The other stop was at a friends house so he could crawl, cruise, and bounce off the walls while I got to visit and see her baby boy.  Both stops seemed to be a great distraction, but he was still grumpy.

The tooth that is working on erupting is the central, right, incisor.  This tooth is causing him more pain and misery than those bottom incisors did.  He has a blood blister where that tooth is trying to come out, ouch!  On top of the pain he has a runny nose and congestion brought on from teething.  I feel so bad for my baby boy!  I can feel the tooth starting to come through the gums so hopefully he will feel better in a few days.

I keep thinking 20 baby teeth….. I sure hope this gets easier!

I love to travel and I hope that we don’t have to stop traveling just because the Wild Child is teething.  I have friends that go on big vacations with their babies (under 12 months old), but I’m really wondering how they do it.  So far we have made it to see grandparents and that’s been difficult.  I had high hopes of going on vacation this summer when the Wild Child turns one, but that dream is vanishing fast.  I’m accepting all advice on traveling with a teething baby!

What are your tips or advice on traveling with a teething baby?

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