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Teething Terror

Posted by on April 2, 2012

I love when people ask me how things are going these days, but honestly they just don’t want to hear how bad it is so I’ve learned to stay quiet.

No one wants to hear that you haven’t slept in weeks! Or that your child refuses to nap more than 40 minutes and that is with a good 20 minute wrestling while rocking the ninja baby.   YES, we are TEETHING AGAIN……

This TOOTH, that he has been working on for 9 days, must be gargantuan!  My normally bouncing off the walls, swinging from the tree tops, happy as can be Wild Child just feels awful!  He’s fussy, clingy, and just can’t sleep day or night.  We’ve tried EVERYTHING!  The cold teethers, the frozen washcloths, momsicles (frozen breast milk cubes), ice cubes, teething tablets (zero effect).  The tylenol and ibuprofen as prescribed by our doctor only seem to have a minimal effect.

I spend my days alternating cold stuff with nursing which seems to bring some comfort.  I do my best to distract him and put on the worlds best baby entertainment.  He gets lots of riding time in the carrier along with rocking, and bouncing.  Honestly, I’m just feel like I’m not doing a very good job.  He remains miserable and after 9 days I’m frustrated.

It doesn’t help that people keep telling me that they “hardly noticed” when their child was teething.  I keep reminding myself that this will end and he will return to his normal happy state again.  We will all sleep through the night again.  However, with one tooth down and 19 to go I’m having a hard time staying positive.


What was teething like at your house?

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2 Responses to Teething Terror

  1. Susan B

    Have you or anybody you know tried amber teething necklaces? I want to relieve my peanut’s pain but want to use the least invasive/medical methods I can. Not that I’m opposed to Tylenol for the little booger. I just don’t want to dose him up all the time. Just wondering about the necklace’s utility. And if there are any wacky side effects. Good luck hon! I know operating on no sleep blows! (sorry if that’s crude. Nothing else really describes it.)

    • Suzanne

      I haven’t tried the necklace yet because I just can’t see how they could possibly work. I need some sort of evidence!