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Teeth Here We Come

Posted by on March 1, 2012

So it begins, our adventure into breastfeeding with TEETH!

I have all these blog posts on the back-burner because I’ve been dealing with an extra cranky baby.  On top of being cranky he’s been waking up at night every 2 hours for the past three LONG weeks!

I broke down in tears and called Don home from work early just to help me walk the floor.  At this point I had also convinced myself that I had totally screwed everything up and was a terrible mother since I couldn’t console my child.  He wasn’t sleeping at night and now he refused to nap!  I had no idea what was wrong with him there was NO drool or red puffy gums so it wasn’t teething like I have read or heard about.  It was just constant crying, fussing, and clinging!

The next morning HELLO new razor tooth! 

Now we are alternating pain meds as per our doctor’s instructions and last night he slept 4 hours until the meds wore off ….. FINALLY — S-L-E-E-P

At 8 months old we finally have our first tooth on the bottom.  That thing is razor sharp, too!  As soon as it’s big enough to see, I’ll post a toothy grin picture.

2 Responses to Teeth Here We Come

  1. Nichole B

    OHHHHHH Heck NO!!!! hahahaa. You’re so on your own on this one! I can’t imagine adding teeth to the razor sharp gums the boy already had. :) I won’t lie. I’m chuckling thinking of how you looked when you discovered the “razor sharp” new tooth…I know, I’m wrong…This is one of those things OLD moms don’t tell their friends about, they just sit back and wait

    • Suzanne

      I thing teeth are the one thing that scares me about breastfeeding because I’ve heard both success and horror stories. So far we are doing good, but I’ll admit I’m nervous.