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Support For Those With Less

Posted by on March 30, 2012

This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom
and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined & The Gnome’s Mom

Today’s topic:  The Lowdown on Low Supply

I’ve never had to deal with low supply issues…..but I know women who have been battling with low supply.

These mommas amaze me and I have pledged to support them during their struggles to meet their personal breastfeeding goals!  It doesn’t take much to support a nursing momma.  A phone call, email or text message every now and then.  You don’t have to say much, just let them know that you are on their side and listen when they talk.


–>Resources that might come in handy when you are dealing with supply issues<–

Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic on Increasing Milk Supply.

If you ever need to find a medical specialist in breastfeeding in your area call the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine at 1-800-990-4226 (US toll free).  The ABM can tell you their members in your particular part of the world.   These are actual DOCTORS…. not just lactation specialists.  Sometimes we just need more than our local LCs can provide.


Have you ever experienced low supply?

3 Responses to Support For Those With Less

  1. The Slacker Mom

    It really is the little things- an email to see how things are going, a few pep talks when the days are hardest. Thanks for being a cheerleader for friends with supply issues!

  2. Susan B

    As one of those mamas who have benefited from your support, THANK YOU! I’ve learned that breastfeeding issues can only be truly understood by women who have breastfed or tried to. We have to band together and help each other to get those babies their milk. Oh and not feel like the world’s worst mom! :)