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Spring Yard Projects

Posted by on March 26, 2012

Our BIG project over the weekend was working in our yard.

I don’t know how we are going to get it into shape without hiring someone to help us!  You would think one acre would be easy to maintain. The problem is BOTH of us love to work in the yard, but someone has to watch the Wild Child.

-Front Flower Beds-

We have a mailbox flower bed which has been left to maintain itself and won’t need much work this spring.  However, there are two other flower beds that require maintenance and that is usually MY job.  I pick the flowers to plant, weed, and water.  One bed is specifically for flowers that attract butterflies!  The other flower bed is in front of our house and is usually reserved for azaleas, hostas, gardenias, impatiens, four o’clock flowers and one hydrangea.  That’s two THREE flower beds that should to be weeded, planted and taken care of all summer.  Once they are planted they are fairly easy to maintain, but just removing all the fall/winter leaf accumulation is no small task.

Butterfly Garden 2011

-Deck Plants-

Next I have all the plants growing in pots on the deck.  The pots of parsley, mint and chives came back up, so I just need to buy some basil and cilantro then I’ll be happy.  The deck is also home to my orchid and bromeliad collection.  Those poor orchids lived in my whirlpool tub, in our master bathroom, and just barely hung in there over the winter.  With the baby taking up so much time, they only had minimal care.  I normally get 2 of them to bloom during the winter, but not this year.


Then there is the yard.  The previous owners never really took care of the lawn so Don has been trying to get grass established.  No big deal other than mowing, seeding, and a little weed control….. ok yea, that’s a lot of work too.  Let’s not forget that we still have chopped wood to be stacked from that BIG tree that fell down.  Seriously, when are we going to find time to move and stack all of that before it gets unbearably hot and humid in the south?

-Edibles -

There are two medium blueberry bushes that should be LOADED this year!  I’ll have to keep a close watch on them so the birds don’t get all my blueberries.  As far as edibles go we also have to planter boxes that are now home to tomatoes and strawberries.  The tomatoes we planted in our boxes last year were super producers and I’m hoping for another great tomato crop.

This weekend we installed a raised bed beside our house so that I could grow a few more fresh vegetables.  I’ve decided that the raised bed project deserves its own post so look for that to come in a few weeks.

I know it sounds like a lot of work and it is!  It’s a good thing we really enjoy our time outside.  I really hope our Wild Child loves watching us work in the yard because there will be a lot of that this spring and summer.

Do you have a green thumb?  What are your favorite flowers or plants to grow?

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