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Solid Start

Posted by on January 7, 2012

We started solids today!

At 6 months and 16 lbs 9 oz, I figured our little man could at least have his first taste of food.

Lately, he’s been watching every thing I eat or drink and even trying to reach out for it!

Why wait?

I decided to wait 6 months before starting solids after reading that delaying solids can reduce allergies, obesity, and diabetes. Plus infants digestive systems are still developing before then and may not be ready for foreign proteins.  The American Academy of Pediatrics states in it’s policy that infants should start solids around 6 months.

Since we are breastfeeding I want to be sure that solid food is a compliment and not replacing our nursing sessions for a long time. Add that to my concern that he could be intolerant to food since he is dairy intolerant and I did my homework!

I did lots of research so here are a few links I have bookmarked:


What was the first food?   Sweet potatoes!!!!!

We made our own sweet potato puree.  It was easy and I think we are going to end up making our own baby food.

It wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be.  I expected some great faces or something, but he just seemed uncertain.  I think by the 3rd tiny spoonful he figured out that he was supposed to swallow some of it.


This is the face from the first bite.


This is the 4th spoonful!



Maybe his next attempt at the sweet potatoes will elicit those cute “OMG this is FOOD mom” faces!

I’m ready to have some FUN WITH FOOD!


What was your experience with starting solids?  What was the first food for your baby?

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