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Scary Walk

Posted by on January 25, 2012

OMG!!!!  I just want to cry, vent, and scream all at the same time!

I was chased and scared to death my two dogs today while walking with my son around the neighborhood.  I’m NOT a happy mom!!!!    I don’t think I’ve ever been so upset…..

I had just left my house and turned onto another road to make the block with my son in the ergo carrier.  These two dogs jump a wooden fence around the side of a house then start barking, snarling, and running toward me.  I stopped and YELLED at them to “GO HOME!”  I know if you run from dogs it makes them chase you.  One dog was a lab and it went back to the yard.  The other an american bulldog kept snarling, growling, barking….getting CLOSER!   I started backing away as fast as I could without taking my eyes off him.  Thankfully, a neighbor pulled out and put her car between us and I was able to scurry around the corner without the dog following.

I was so upset and angry I called my poor husband at work.  He came home and spoke with the owner of one of the dogs.  The guy says the lab is his, but the other dog is not.  The american bulldog comes from somewhere else, jumps his fence, and gets his lab to follow him out of the yard.  Ummmm….. does that sound fishy to anyone else?!   It does to ME!

I’m not sure what to do…..  We don’t live in the city limits so there are no “leash laws.”  I don’t want to have to carry pepper spray, a huge stick, or any other sort of nonsense to walk around the block!  This neighborhood is full of families and kids we should not have to deal with this.

Today was probably the best winter day (65 degrees) and I wasn’t able to enjoy a nice walk!  I did play with my son on our deck, but that’s not the same.

My next trips out will probably be with friends or my hubby just until I get my nerves back again.

Why don’t people have respect for others?  If this guy knows his dog gets out of the fence why not FIX THE PROBLEM? 

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