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Regression Analysis

Posted by on March 15, 2012

Here is a brief update on our sleep situation.

Nothing has improved in the sleep department.  ALL of us are still waking up every 2-3 hours.  We are the zombie family for sure!

My poor baby has been taking his milestones in giant leaps rather than baby steps and I think all these new things at once are totally throwing his sleep off.  Sleep…. what am I saying this baby doesn’t sleep!

A recap of the LEAPS of our last 15 days:

  • My Wild Child finally got his first tooth and I think that has been a BIG part of his poor sleeping habit.  I can tell when his teeth are hurting when he’s extremely clingy, fussy, rubs his hand across his mouth and is in general irritated with the world.  He doesn’t drool or get those red, puffy gums like other babies do he just does a Jekyll & Hyde personality flip.
  •  Another BIG bump in our sleep pattern is he’s a very busy, mobile baby!  He started taking his first steps away from the furniture 10 days ago.  He cruises the furniture, crawls at full speed, and bounces along ALL day!  This new mobility has really brought out his independent and adventurous nature.  It’s also really made me consider a baby helmet and crash pad or a padded nursery!

I know from conversations with other breastfeeding moms that waking to nurse during the night is common during teething and also during sleep regression which can be caused by major developmental milestones.  I even wrote a post about reverse cycling, but I honestly believed that it would STOP by now….. after all he SLEPT great from 1-6 months of age!

I tried the “tips” that people recommended on the Blog Hop, but none of them have helped me.  I feel that after 2.5 months of this it’s just going to continue on forever!

The adults here are suffering due to lack of sleep!

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