Manic Mommy Mondays Take 1

Is it really Monday?

I’m Suzanne and I’m in my 20′s…..umm…..  30′s (eeek)!  I live in the heart of the south.  I love to canoe, travel, rock climb, hike, swim, camp, fish and just about any other outdoor activity.  I met my husband on a rock climbing trip at college.  The outdoors make me feel alive!  The BIG picture at the top of my blog was taken by me from my canoe on a river in my hometown.  Ok, Ok – that was all pre-baby!   This blog and photography are my *new* hobbies.  However, they take a backseat to my son who was born July 2011!

I struggled a lot when he was born with my own recovery, breastfeeding issues, and just adapting to life as a parent.  I credit the fact that I was able to conquer all of it to my super supportive husband.  I’m a big supporter of breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapers.  We started using cloth diapers the fourth night home from the hospital when we had our first disposable leak and late night bassinet cleanup.   As a newborn our son was in cloth 24/7, but as he’s gotten older I can’t seem to find the perfect night solution for us.  I didn’t intend on being a stay at home mom, it just sort of worked out that way while I was on maternity leave. Some days I beat myself up for staying at home when I worked so hard to get my degrees, but then I wouldn’t ever want to miss any part of my son’s life either.  I’m sure I will go back to teaching one day, but maybe just part-time until he’s older.


Enough about that….. my mind is on SWIMMING.

We are starting baby fish swim lessons in TWO weeks!!! 

I convinced 5 moms with 6 babies (1 set of twins) from our breastfeeding support group to join me!  All the babies are under one year too!  I couldn’t be more excited – which is why the above introduction is very disjointed, sorry.

The moms at our hospital breastfeeding support group have really become a close knit group.  We get together for playdates at each others homes and the park.  When I started asking if anyone was interested in baby swim lessons I was surprised to find that everyone was as excited as I was.  It’s funny that the way we all chose to feed our babies brought us together, but we have a lot more in common than just breastfeeding.

This will be our first adventure into the water!  I really, really, REALLY hope my 8 month old loves it.  The lessons are at the local college and indoors so I don’t have to stress about sun protection just yet.  I consider this a starting point to activities this summer.

I had fun picking out swimwear for my son!  However, I am having a really hard time finding the right swimsuit for my “nursing” figure.  My pre-baby swimsuits fit just fine until you get to the girls and then it gets a bit snug. OK more than just a little snug it’s just all wrong!  I found a swimsuit that will work, but it’s not exactly my style.  I’m secretly hoping the instructor has us do some water aerobics to help with post-baby toning.


Join Manic Mommy Monday each week with  The Gnome’s Mom.

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BIG milestone – BUSY mamma


In one week my Sunshine (like the nickname?) went from pulling up to taking his FIRST STEPS!  It is just a few days shy of 8 months old and my son is trying to walk.

First pull-up Feb 22, 2012

It totally freaks me out because he has NO fear – none!!!! He will pull up, let go, and either stand there and clap (cutest thing) OR try to walk.  I feel like someone jolted me with an electric fence every single time he does this.  How often does he do this?  ALL THE TIME!  He won’t play with his toys now, he only crawls to the nearest couch, chair, baby gate and pulls straight up.

What really burns me about this new milestone is that I didn’t get to see his first steps.  I’m with this kid 24/7 and when did he take his first steps?  While I was in the shower, grrr….. at least Don got to see a BIG “first.” He even managed to video tape the 2nd set of steps for me.


When did your baby take their first steps?  Did you ever miss a big milestone?

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Teeth Here We Come

So it begins, our adventure into breastfeeding with TEETH!

I have all these blog posts on the back-burner because I’ve been dealing with an extra cranky baby.  On top of being cranky he’s been waking up at night every 2 hours for the past three LONG weeks!

I broke down in tears and called Don home from work early just to help me walk the floor.  At this point I had also convinced myself that I had totally screwed everything up and was a terrible mother since I couldn’t console my child.  He wasn’t sleeping at night and now he refused to nap!  I had no idea what was wrong with him there was NO drool or red puffy gums so it wasn’t teething like I have read or heard about.  It was just constant crying, fussing, and clinging!

The next morning HELLO new razor tooth! 

Now we are alternating pain meds as per our doctor’s instructions and last night he slept 4 hours until the meds wore off ….. FINALLY — S-L-E-E-P

At 8 months old we finally have our first tooth on the bottom.  That thing is razor sharp, too!  As soon as it’s big enough to see, I’ll post a toothy grin picture.

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Weekend Photo Review

Just a simple look back on our weekend through the lens of my iPhone.


The BIG tree that fell in our yard is now firewood!  I VOLUNTEERED to stack it as a way to get a bit of post-baby exercise, but I’m guessing I will need some help.

Time to start stacking


The Corps of Engineers always drains the upper lake in the winter and we took a stroll out on it.   This summer this will all be underwater again!

Walking on the lake bed

I don’t know what happened to the winter, but my flowers seem to think that it’s over.

Paperwhites blooming

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First Time Not A Charm

This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined and The Gnome’s Mom.

Today’s topic:  First Time Jitters: Leaving your Baby in the Care of Someone Else

The first time I left my son was to go to shopping with my mom and grandmother for a few tops that weren’t maternity clothing.  He was 6 weeks old.  I wasn’t nervous at all with leaving my son with Don and my dad.  UNTIL I was in the dressing room and decided to call Don’s phone – no answer.  I tried again – no answer.  I felt like I was going to be sick!!!!  Finally he answered and I could hear my poor baby screaming in the background.  Of course, I busted a leak on both sides- thank you hormones!  I hustled my grandmother and mother into the car and drove the mile back to our house.  The first sound to reach my ears upon my return was my baby boy wailing at the top of his lungs!  My father was hiding in the kitchen with tears in his eyes and Don was rocking our son who would have nothing to do with the bottle.  He had taken half of the bottle and that was it.   It took me a good hour of nursing and rocking to get him settled back down!  We didn’t know at the time was that he was intolerant to all of the dairy that I was eating.

To this day, when I consider leaving my nursing boy behind, I see spilled milk, refusal of sippy cup, screaming baby, diapers strewn about, and a stressed dad amidst the chaos.   Yes, that’s what I think about every time I consider leaving my nursing baby.  My fears, first experience, and having to pump are the reasons that at 7 & 1/2 months, my baby boy has been without me a grand total of FOUR hours!!!!   All of these times he was left with Don, never anyone else and always for a really good reason like my dentist trip this week.

Leaving my nursing baby means a bit of thought and preparation.  For starters I have to pump enough milk for the amount of time I will be away OR thaw out some from the freezer stash.  I’m not a huge fan of pumping after the pump-n-dump episode.  I have no reason to pump other than to add to my freezer or let him practice drinking from his sippy cup.

Don and I have NEVER been on a date without our son!  <—  This seems to be really important to a lot of the new moms in our breastfeeding support group.  If it’s important to you GO FOR IT, but it’s just not a priority in our lives right now.  Maybe by the time he’s a year old I will have the courage to go out without my baby for more than an hour.  I’ll let you all know when that day happens!

How did you feel about leaving your nursing baby behind the first time?  Or the millionth?

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Nursing Mom Goes To Dentist

I had an old filling go bad over the 3 day weekend, so instead of enjoying the Monday holiday with Don and our son, I made a fun trip to the dentist.  UGH!!!

They were able to get me in on short notice Monday morning, and I’m thankful for that.  However, I didn’t have time to pump before I left, so I ended up thawing out one of my emergency supply bags.  I guess we will count this as an emergency.  I was nervous about leaving Don & baby alone.  They haven’t been left alone together for months!  My little bug takes a sippy cup on random occasions, but never often so I was worried he would get hungry.  The appointment also happened to be during nap-time.

Don’t worry, I called the Infant Risk Center to be sure that the medications for the dental work were Ok while nursing.  I also double checked on some pain meds for after.

As I sat in the dental chair, I could see my precious milk split and lots of crying.  I envisioned the chaos as I pulled into the garage and ran into the house.  To my complete amazement my baby had fallen asleep by his daddy shortly after I left and hadn’t even needed the sippy cup!

For the rest of the day, Don took care of everything but mealtimes.  I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

One major downside to nursing and dental work is those swift, flailing arms to the jaw!  I’m still in pain and I think it’s mostly because someone keeps bumping my face…..oh well at least he’s a cutie!


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Weekend Photo Review

Just a simple look back on our weekend through the lens of my iPhone.

The wood stove gate makes the best place to dry cloth diapers!

Laundry Day

Laundry Day

All dressed, reading a book, and waiting for momma……

Ready To Go

My happy baby boy!

This Puppy Sings

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Solids Stumble

I don’t know what is up with this baby, but he wants NOTHING to do with solids right now.

We started solids at 6 months old and it was a breeze after the first few attempts.

He’s eaten his was through lots of new veggies and fruits.

  • sweet potatoes
  • butternut squash
  • zucchini
  • carrots
  • avocado
  • apples -> gas/fussy baby
  • bananas -> gas/fussy baby
  • PEARS  *loves*
  • oatmeal

Over the last week I’ve been extremely frustrated.  He used to gobble down about 3 oz of baby puree, but now you come at him with a spoon and he shuts his mouth!  Not only will he not open is mouth, but he also turns his head away.

I keep trying to remember that solid food during the first year is only for fun and just to get a taste of new things.  I double check Dr. Saenz notes on starting solids to make sure I’m doing it right…. I am!  I also LOVE this graph on kellymom that shows what complimentary feeding really means.

I’m sure he will come back around to solids again.  One thing I’m learning is that babies do their own thing and you are really just along for the ride.

Anyone ever experienced this? ANYONE???

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Online Safety Are We Doing Enough

 This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined and The Gnome’s Mom.

Today’s topic for the Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Online Breastfeeding Safety

 I thought long and hard about how to keep myself and my nursling protected before starting my blog.  I knew the majority of my blog would be about breastfeeding my son since that is a BIG part of our daily life.

I came up with some guidelines for our family:

  • For my son – I will not use his name on here EVER.  He desperately needs a blog nickname soon!!!
  • For myself – no last names of anyone, address, or phone number will be posted on here.
  • Pictures -  if I wouldn’t put it on a billboard in front of my house I won’t post it online.

This does NOT mean that I will stop posting a few wonderful breastfeeding pictures.  These photos are important to me!  I feel that they help breastfeeding become mainstream and really normal. In fact you should go check out this beautiful uncovered photography.

I would personally have been very lost and depressed without Lori over at The Gnome’s Mom demonstrating how to nurse in public so I could get my butt out of this house. I’ve learned so much about breastfeeding from other women putting themselves out there and I don’t believe any of us should stop.

We will revisit our family guidelines and safety again in the future but for now this fits us.

What are your thoughts?  Do you post breastfeeding photos of yourself online?

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Mom Zombie

Mom Zombie & Daddy Too

I’m so exhausted!

For the last 5 nights we have been up EVERY 2 hours from 8 pm until 6 am.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but I feel like the living dead.  We have been through reverse cycling and I thought we had recovered from that experience, but perhaps not.  The key thing in the last five nights has been that he is not hungry. 

I offer, but he’s already fast asleep.

He’s just waking up crying every 2 hours.  I pick him up, sway with him or sit down and rock him, and he’s back to sleep in a few minutes.  After the first few nights of this we just let him fuss a few minutes to see if he would just go back to sleep.  He did NOT.  Then we tried a moderate CIO approach of letting him fuss/cry and not picking him up.  We just patted him in his crib….. this was a stupid idea because it didn’t work either and only resulted in a baby that was awake LONGER!

Last night Don & I got on the same page and agreed that regardless of whether or not it’s an ear, tooth, or sleep problem he needs our attention and care.  Our goal now is simply to get him back to sleep as fast as possible even if that means picking him up and rocking him as soon as he fusses.  Don took the early evening “pick me up” shift and I took the rest of the night.   We are taking a trip to the doctor Thursday to double check those ears.

I’m a mom zombie for sure – during my shower tonight I even question if I had shampooed my hair 1 time or 3!  It is entirely possible that I conditioned it 3 times on top of what ever I did (or didn’t) do with the shampoo.

Ideas? Advice?  Reassurance that this is normal and will pass with time…..

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