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New Nap Schedule – No Memo For Mom

Posted by on March 21, 2012

I never get a memo from my son about the new schedule or change of events.

One of the things I’m learning about babies is that they never do anything on a schedule other than their own!  No matter how much you want them to do something,  even if it is normal behavior for them….just when you get used to it *BAHM* they change it up on you.  Since they have no way of communicating that change to you in advance, it can make for a very frustrated mom!

The best example I have is our radically changing nap patterns!  From the time he was a newborn until 3 months he was napping “by the book.”  Around 4 months we were down to 2-3 naps during the day.  One in the morning, early afternoon and sometimes late afternoon.  At 6 months he was napping 2 times a day mid-morning and mid-afternoon for about 1.5 hours each.

Now at 8.5 months he’s dropped that afternoon nap!  My Wild Child has now consolidated his napping to a two hour nap from 10-noon.  If I’m lucky, he will do a short nap (almost an hour) around 5 pm before his bedtime at 8 pm.  That’s one long stretch of playtime in the afternoon!

At first I had a problem with this “new” nap schedule.  I fought him all during spring break to keep that mid-afternoon nap.  Which for me meant a lot of rocking, music, ocean waves, and even vacuuming the house with him in the ergo since we don’t CIO.  Nothing would make him nap mid-afternoon.  Seriously, the vacuum technique has never failed me until now!

Yesterday, I decided I wasn’t going to fight with him anymore over that afternoon nap.  If he shows any signs of being tired I will encourage him to nap, but I’m not going to get frustrated over this anymore!

Of course, this totally deviates from anything you will EVER read in a book or online.  The majority of my mommy-friends (MY blog I can make up words) have babies that stick with the mid-morning & afternoon naps until they are almost 2 years old.  However, if you mention something, it doesn’t take long to find out that you are not alone.

I’m not sure if the reluctant, afternoon, nappers are teething babies or just busy babies. I haven’t taken a survey yet, but maybe I should…..

In the meantime, as long as my Wild Child is not a fussy baby we are golden!

What is nap time like at your house?

2 Responses to New Nap Schedule – No Memo For Mom

  1. Mary Heather

    I have to disagree about the babies not doing anything on a scheduling other than their own, but i’m sure you knew I would! :P But as long as it works for you, who am i to argue!! :)