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Moms and Babies, Oh My

Posted by on January 17, 2012

I invited people over!

We spent the entire weekend baby proofing the house.  OK….. not the entire house, but the main rooms.

My little one has decided to learn to crawl.  He was “army crawling” and now he is able to get one knee under him so it won’t be much longer and he’s on all fours.  Sure this new mobility inspired more childproofing, but the real reason is…. I invited people over!

To understand why this strikes a little bit of panic in my heart.  I NEVER have people over.  EVER!  Sure we have had family over, but I never just invite friends over.

The winter blues have set in, I can’t get out and walk, and I obviously can’t meet people in the park.  This SAHM thing is OK, but I need ADULT CONVERSATION!!!!  So I bit the bullet and invited all the new moms and babies I know over for coffee and brownies.  Hopefully of the 12 moms & 13 babies invited a few will be able to make it.  I just hope someone comes otherwise I’ll be eating the whole pan of brownies!  :)

What’s better than hot coffee & brownies in the middle of winter?!


Do you have any ideas for winter activities for older babies (6-10 mo)?  

2 Responses to Moms and Babies, Oh My


    We are going to come!!! Probably be there around 10:30 or 11 since 9 is naptime – and nobody wants a LOUD CRANKY LM at their house!!!

  2. Suzanne

    Yea!!! That’s why I picked those times I know babies love their naps. Let her nap toss her in the car & head my way.