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Manic Mommy Mondays Take 1

Posted by on March 5, 2012

Is it really Monday?

I’m Suzanne and I’m in my 20′s…..umm…..  30′s (eeek)!  I live in the heart of the south.  I love to canoe, travel, rock climb, hike, swim, camp, fish and just about any other outdoor activity.  I met my husband on a rock climbing trip at college.  The outdoors make me feel alive!  The BIG picture at the top of my blog was taken by me from my canoe on a river in my hometown.  Ok, Ok – that was all pre-baby!   This blog and photography are my *new* hobbies.  However, they take a backseat to my son who was born July 2011!

I struggled a lot when he was born with my own recovery, breastfeeding issues, and just adapting to life as a parent.  I credit the fact that I was able to conquer all of it to my super supportive husband.  I’m a big supporter of breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapers.  We started using cloth diapers the fourth night home from the hospital when we had our first disposable leak and late night bassinet cleanup.   As a newborn our son was in cloth 24/7, but as he’s gotten older I can’t seem to find the perfect night solution for us.  I didn’t intend on being a stay at home mom, it just sort of worked out that way while I was on maternity leave. Some days I beat myself up for staying at home when I worked so hard to get my degrees, but then I wouldn’t ever want to miss any part of my son’s life either.  I’m sure I will go back to teaching one day, but maybe just part-time until he’s older.


Enough about that….. my mind is on SWIMMING.

We are starting baby fish swim lessons in TWO weeks!!! 

I convinced 5 moms with 6 babies (1 set of twins) from our breastfeeding support group to join me!  All the babies are under one year too!  I couldn’t be more excited – which is why the above introduction is very disjointed, sorry.

The moms at our hospital breastfeeding support group have really become a close knit group.  We get together for playdates at each others homes and the park.  When I started asking if anyone was interested in baby swim lessons I was surprised to find that everyone was as excited as I was.  It’s funny that the way we all chose to feed our babies brought us together, but we have a lot more in common than just breastfeeding.

This will be our first adventure into the water!  I really, really, REALLY hope my 8 month old loves it.  The lessons are at the local college and indoors so I don’t have to stress about sun protection just yet.  I consider this a starting point to activities this summer.

I had fun picking out swimwear for my son!  However, I am having a really hard time finding the right swimsuit for my “nursing” figure.  My pre-baby swimsuits fit just fine until you get to the girls and then it gets a bit snug. OK more than just a little snug it’s just all wrong!  I found a swimsuit that will work, but it’s not exactly my style.  I’m secretly hoping the instructor has us do some water aerobics to help with post-baby toning.


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3 Responses to Manic Mommy Mondays Take 1

  1. Shannon Stubbs

    I was surprised as well when I joined my breastfeeding group how much the other parents and I have in common. At least that’s one place we can go and not hear, don’t you think she needs to wean?

  2. Mary Heather

    At least you still have some girls to try to harness, mine don’t even fill out my suit!!!