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Knowledge is Power- Older Baby Tips

Posted by on January 13, 2012

This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined and The Gnome’s Mom.

Today’s topic for the Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Tips and Tricks to Breastfeeding an Older Infant or Toddler


* My best advise is to Be Patient!  At 6 months my baby gets VERY distracted by other people, loud noises, or new things around him!  During these distracted moments I have found it’s best to either turn off the distraction or go to another room.

  • The best example I can give you was over the holidays…. with family around to play with him he simply forgot to nurse.  After the first family Christmas where he went 4 hours without nursing one morning and then spent most of the night making up for it.  To put a stop to that, I started watching the clock again.  Yea, I know you’re supposed to watch the baby not the clock, but he eats every 45min-2hrs on normal days. With my mom dad sister & friends I had no problem snatching him away and walking off to a quiet room to nurse.  With some family and friends it was a bit more difficult because they are unfamiliar with nursing and I felt SO GUILTY grabbing a perfectly happy child to “make him eat.”  Trust me this saved me from nursing every hour through the night!

*Around 4 months we had to drop the cover!   When he started fighting the cover it looked like I was forcing him to eat!  I try to layer my shirts, but I’m not very fast with that yet and we both get frustrated.  Sure there are nursing tops and I even have several, but I just want to wear NORMAL clothes.

*Welcome the nursing rodeo.  The arms flailing, legs kicking yes that is our new style of nursing.  If it gets out of control I just stop, burp him, and then go back.  That seems to fix it most of the time.  I received a “teething” necklace for Christmas and that gives him something to do with those hands.  It has been VERY useful!

*Find support!  Reach out to friends who nursed, join a support group, find an online group……do whatever it takes to meet other women to talk about nursing older babies.  It’s wonderful to have a person to talk to who has nursed or is currently nursing an older baby.


The POSITIVES of “older babies”!!!

Most of the time he’s fast!  I’m talking a nursing session of 4-10 minutes.  I think he does that because he wants to go back to his toys or crawling all over the floor.  I really miss those long sessions when he was itty bitty.  I do still get a few 30 minute feedings, but those are usually just before nap or bed.  I try to remember to treasure them and be in the moment because I know that at some point he just won’t need me like this anymore.

I saved the best for last – YOU ARE IT!  As baby gets older he has become more aware of his surroundings and who his favorite food comes from.  As much fun as baby has with dad, grandparents or the babysitter you are the best thing in his life because only you can feed your baby. It’s not only about the milk, it’s about that special cuddle time and unique bond that only you and baby have.


Don’t just take my word for it!  Read the links in the Blog Hop to get more personal experiences on breastfeeding older babies and toddlers.  The more you know the better prepared you will be.

Want some more facts check out what Dr Saenz at the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic has to say about As They Grow and Nursing After the 1st Birthday.


Do you have any tip or tricks when it comes to breastfeeding older babies or toddlers? 


Check out the rest of the links in the Breastfeeding Blog Hop for more Tips & Tricks or add your link and join in!

5 Responses to Knowledge is Power- Older Baby Tips

  1. Jenny K

    The nursing rodeo will only get worse! It’s really not all that bad though, just a change that you’ll have to deal with. I find that nursing in a quiet dark room helps us a lot! Thanks for the tips!

    • Suzanne

      It’s funny that before you start nursing no one tells you about all these kind of changes. I honestly believed that 60 minute class covered at the hospital would be all I ever needed!

  2. clickclackgorilla

    Totally awesome to read about all your breastfeeding challenges and tips! Going to be starting up myself soon…maybe in two weeks, maybe in four…with my first baby. Can’t wait to join the blog hop with my own stories!

    • Suzanne

      First baby that is SO exciting!!! I can’t wait for you to join the hop! I love reading and hearing baby stories especially other nursing experiences. It’s really shown me that all babies are very different.