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Posted by on January 31, 2012

First music lessons today.

I’ve been hesitant at signing us up for “lessons” and activities because I really do feel like kids are over-scheduled these days.  There are rigid schedules for napping, sleeping, feeding, playing, and if you aren’t following one SOMEONE will recommend a book or expert that says you should.  I used to be a BIG schedule person, if it wasn’t on a schedule it didn’t get done because I was so busy.

Now that I’m not working I just want to kick back and enjoy my kid!

As a first time mom I don’t know what to do with my little ball of energy that has turned 7 month!  I really haven’t known what to do with him since day one, but at least in the beginning it was basically change a diaper, feed and sleep.  The older he gets the more interested in other babies he’s become and I realize that “scheduled” socializing time is probably really good for him.  So I put aside my fears that I would SCHEDULE my child to death and signed up for Kindermusik!

We had a blast!  BOTH of us!!!   He laughed, clapped, wiggled, and crawled all over the place with toys and songs that were just for him.  I had fun watching him!  I also got a pretty good upper body workout playing and grooving with him to the beat of the music.  I also learned some new tricks about babies from the instructor and by watching the other moms.

Now I’m ready to schedule us a few more thing!   Of course I will continue to prefer to call it a ROUTINE!  ;)

What activities did you “sign up” for?  Who enjoyed it more you or baby?

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