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Growing Up Too Fast

Posted by on May 7, 2012

I’ve had a hard time writing for my blog lately.  I have tons of things to write about, but I have had zero time to sit at a computer and type.  C’est la vie!  I do my best!

The Wild Child is, occasionally, walking unaided and he is just a few days shy of 10 months old.  He will cruise the furniture (or wall) one handed with a toy in the other which terrifies me because he can still be a bit wobbly.  When he reaches the end of the couch he will just TODDLE over to the chair or his pack-n-play!

This new walking ability and independence appears to have changed his sleep cycles.  During the day he’s so busy I’m lucky if he naps for 2 hours in the early afternoon.   We also had to give up on an early bedtime for him.  Every night for the past week Don and I have sat in the floor and let our Wild Child walk back and forth between us until he gets so tired that he runs out of steam and is finally ready for bed.  It might be contradictory to all the books and expert opinions out there, but we all go to bed between 9 and 10 pm.  I don’t really miss the extra nap, but I do miss the early bedtime!   I loved having a couple of hours to just hang out with Don.

Aside from the walking and new sleep patterns he has FOUR new top teeth!!!!  Yes, FOUR!  They started to pop out at the same time while we were visiting my family.  Teething really makes for a crappy vacation.  I’m still breastfeeding and to be sure I was the FIRST to know that there was more than one top tooth!  He hasn’t bit me, but he did try the “lazy night latch” with me and that was not good.  After being taken off and told he had to “nurse correctly” he seems to have gotten the picture.

Yep, that pretty much sums up why I’ve missed the blog hops in the last week!  Glad to be back online!

This post is part of the Manic Mommy Monday blog hop.


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