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Fleece Liner – DIY

Posted by on March 7, 2012

How is it that I cloth diapered for over 6 months before hearing about fleece liners?

I use pocket diapers with microfiber stuffing which is just great, but my super soaker boy was always damp.  I was pretty much going to throw in the towel on cloth diapering due my extreme frustration.   I searched for a solution and was persistent with asking questions to my friends (many are cloth diaper gurus).  Finally I decided to give fleece liners a try.  It was the last effort on my part before giving up on cloth.

Let me tell you – they have saved my cloth diaper experience!!!! Fleece liners are the perfect moisture barrier for my little ones bum.  No more wet bum!!!  NO more frustrated parents finding that yet again 20 minutes post diaper change our baby was wet.

My mother recommend I make my own but I had no clue what size, shape, or thickness of fleece I needed.  I ended up buying my first set of fleece liners since I wasn’t confident in my DIY abilities.  I totally could have made my own for WAY LESS money.  Oh well, live and learn.

The 6 liners that I bought were a good starting point, but cost over $1 each.  From these I was able to make a pattern and cut my own.  I purchased one yard of blue fleece for $2 and with it I was able to make …… LOTS of liners.  I stopped cutting once I hit 21.  If I ever need more I can probably get another 20 and maybe more! If you are doing the math that’s $0.05 per liner!

DIY method:

  • Fold your fleece material length wise
  • With the material folded cut your first liner 12″ long by 5″ wide
  • Continue the length cut across the fold and ta-da THREE liners cut
  • No need to sew the edges fleece does not unravel

Check out the images below for a visual guide.


Picture 1 of 4


So if you are considering giving up on cloth, give fleece liners a whirl first!

Do you use fleece liners with every diaper?  Any other DIY cloth diaper projects I should try?

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