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Dairy Test #1

Posted by on January 22, 2012

I finally decided to test the diary intolerance issue again.

With breakfast I ate a graham cracker that does contain dairy (whey specifically). I’m SUPER nervous! If he starts crying I will know it’s my fault.  Talk about “mommy guilt” it’s going to crush me if he cries and is upset over this.

I just want to be NORMAL again!  To eat normal food and be able to go out to eat with my friends or husband.  It would be great to be able to order a pizza when we’ve had a bad night instead of having to cook something every single night.

If this “test” works and he doesn’t object in any way.  I’m still a long way from getting that cheese pizza or milkshake, but it’s a start.  Hopefully it means I won’t have to analyze the ingredients list of everything we buy at the store.  Read about our dairy free journey.


4 Responses to Dairy Test #1

  1. Nichole

    I really hope this works out for you. Are you still a vegetarian? Sorry if I butchered the spelling on that. I’m a tired mom too

    • Suzanne

      So far so good….. *fingers crossed* Yep, I’m still mostly a vegetarian. Since I’m eating for two I’ve picked up some select fish just to be safe. :)

  2. Susan B

    Good luck!!! I totally understand about the pizza. I’ve wished that several times. Or grilled cheese! Sucks that now when we can eat practically anything we can eat practically nothing… Let us know how it turns out!

    • Suzanne

      Did you end up giving up dairy too? Everyone says they grow out of it! Just takes time, but what’s a few months in the grand scheme of things anyway.