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Dairy Free

Posted by on December 27, 2011

Dairy free for 80 days now!

It seem like an eternity since I had a milkshake, cheese pizza, or a graham cracker.  I would give anything to drink a nice cup of hot chocolate on this cold, dreary day!

ALMOST anything…..if only I could determine if my baby was no longer sensitive to dairy by looking at him.  The only way to tell if his sensitive stomach has moved passed this intolerance is to test it.  I’m TERRIFIED to test it!!!!

We determined that my son was sensitive to dairy when he was 2 months old.  If I had only known what to look for I probably could have saved my family from a 2 month nightmare!

I was prescribed an antibiotic after my son was born.  At two weeks old he had “foamy” green stool…. we phoned his pediatrician and we were informed formula was the only way.  WHAT?!  I called our lactation nurse and she reluctantly agreed that I needed to “pump and dump” 10-12 times a day for a week.  Then hope that he would go back to nursing.  The hospital gave us enough formula to last the week.  I cried all the way from our lactation nurse’s office.  I cried every single time he was given a bottle of formula and so did he!  He projectile vomited twice while on formula, was extremely fussy, gassy, cried/screamed and continued to have green- mucous diapers.   The formula was supposed to be for 7 days, but I ended it at 4.5 days.  I could tell that he was not happy & I wasn’t either!!!!   He went back to breastfeeding without too much trouble, but continued to cry 16+ hours a day and would alternate between “normal” and green diapers.

I sought help from friends on my fussy baby.  I tried everything!  Then one day someone told me dairy is a cause of fussiness in breastfed babes.  So I cut out the obvious diary and the fussiness remained.  I searched for more answers and found them at the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic.  I had to eliminate ALL dairy for 2-3 weeks to see if it was the problem.

Using Go Dairy Free and Dairy Intolerance Tips from Dr. Saenz I wiped my diet of all dairy protein!  In 2 weeks I had a totally different baby!

I did accidentally consume dairy during those first months of being dairy free and I had to deal with a screaming baby for hours afterwards.  I am now a professional at avoiding dairy!

My only hope is that most babies outgrow their dairy intolerance between 6 and 18 months.  Now if only I was brave enough to test it………  guess I’ll just stick to my hot tea until then.


2 Responses to Dairy Free

  1. Jade

    I am leaving feedback to encourage you to keep posting! I do have to say that I have never encountered dairy free problems with nursing, but your experiences could be very helpful to someone experiencing similar frustrations. I am so happy that you continued nursing!

    • suzanne

      I only know of 2 other moms that had to go completely dairy-free, so I’m kinda on my own here with that.