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Cloth Diapering MY WAY

Posted by on March 29, 2012

I’ve had a lot of new moms ask me about the ins and outs of cloth diapering.

I am by NO MEANS an expert on cloth diapers!  This is just how I started, what I started out with, and what we are doing now.

My First Cloth Victim

Newborn to about 4 months we were cloth diapering on a full time basis our stash was made up of the following:

  • 24- OsoCozy indian cotton prefolds
  • 3- BabyKicks hemp prefolds
  • 6- Kissaluvs fitted diapers
  • 9- Thirsties Covers
  • 9- Snappis (to hold down the prefolds)

We used the prefolds & covers during the day and overnight we used the fitted diapers.  I hated messing with the snappis & prefolds in the middle of the night so the fitted diaper with a cover worked perfect for us.

Six days old

Four months – 8.5 months (current age) we cloth diaper 80% of the time with the following pocket diapers:

  • 15- Bumgenius 4.0
  • 1 – BabyKicks 3G
  • 1 – Monkey Doodlez

As my Wild Child began to put on weight and get a bit more baby fat around the thighs we were able to start using the Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers. I had tried these diapers earlier, but they leaked out the legs until he was almost 4 months old.  I love all my pocket diapers.  I purchased the BabyKicks 3G & Monkey Doodlez diapers after reading that they were a trim fit!  A TRIM FITTING cloth diaper – yes, I had to try them!  They are trim and just as absorbent as my thicker dipes.

In the last four months overnight cloth diapering stopped working for us.  He sleeps longer stretches and only wakes briefly to feed before falling back asleep.  So messing around with a diaper change in the middle of the night was not for me anymore!  I will confess here and say I use a disposable at night now.  I would LOVE to find an overnight solution!!!!!!


What’s in the Wash????

When you tell people you plan to use cloth diapers the FIRST words out of their mouth is usually “how do you clean them” with this horrified look on their faces.  As far as washing goes I keep it simple and easy.

I use the “dry pail” method for storing my dirty diaper laundry until washing.  I have a diaper pail plus a washable liner so I just dump the diapers and liner into the wash.  No mess, no fuss – just the way I like it!

I do NOT shake, spray, or dunk my diapers….yuck!  I wash them every other day and I’ve NEVER had a problem with stains. The sun took care of the one or two stained wipes I’ve had.

My wash method:

  • cold pre-wash/rinse
  • HOT wash with bumgenius powder detergent
  • cold extra rinse cycle
  • hang dry the covers
  • tumble dry the inserts & prefolds


** I purchased all these diapers with my own money and the opinions above are mine alone.  I was not compensated by any of the above mentioned companies in anyway.

What is in your stash?  What are your methods for overnight cloth diapering an older baby?

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