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Growing Up Too Fast

I’ve had a hard time writing for my blog lately.  I have tons of things to write about, but I have had zero time to sit at a computer and type.  C’est la vie!  I do my best! The Wild Child is, occasionally, walking unaided and he is just a few days shy of 10 … Continue reading »

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Blueberry MESS

Making blueberry puree sounded like a good idea….. My Wild Child loves just about any fruit you put under his nose. By 8 months we had tried pears, apples, bananas, apricots, and peaches.  Since apples and bananas were really hard on his poor stomach I have stopped giving him those for a while.  Of course, … Continue reading »

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Asparagus Delight

This baby loves asparagus! Making baby food with asparagus was so easy!  I love simple, fast, baby food ideas and this one took me all of 20 minutes from start to freezer.  I’m not sure why I didn’t try it before. Simple Instructions: Wash asparagus Cut off the woody ends Bring about 1 inch of … Continue reading »

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and They Are Gone

The grandparents have left the building….. My parents came down for the weekend to help keep my teething baby distracted and busy.  We had the best time! They brought their new border collie puppy and my kid watched him play fetch all day.  We took the puppy and baby for walks around the neighborhood.  They … Continue reading »

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Solids Stumble

I don’t know what is up with this baby, but he wants NOTHING to do with solids right now. We started solids at 6 months old and it was a breeze after the first few attempts. He’s eaten his was through lots of new veggies and fruits. sweet potatoes butternut squash zucchini carrots avocado apples … Continue reading »

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Mean Green Puree

We are making our own baby food! After we made our first batch of sweet potatoes we started purchasing some “certified organic” baby foods at the store.  I thought it would be easier and faster to just buy a few jars of different things to see if he liked them or not.  Store-bought was easier, … Continue reading »

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Busy Weekend!

This weekend was full of FIRSTS!!!! My baby had his first taste of real food for his “1/2 birthday”.  The first day went OK. The second try was MUCH better!  I got all those cute babies faces I was expecting…..and something I wasn’t — he wants to feed himself.  If he can hold the spoon … Continue reading »

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Solid Start

We started solids today! At 6 months and 16 lbs 9 oz, I figured our little man could at least have his first taste of food. Lately, he’s been watching every thing I eat or drink and even trying to reach out for it! Why wait? I decided to wait 6 months before starting solids … Continue reading »

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