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Weekend Photo Review

Just a simple look back on our weekend through the lens of my iPhone. Over the weekend it was gloomy and raining here so we all piled into the car and went shopping in the city!  I went armed with a list of things we actually needed for both Don and myself.  At the end … Continue reading »

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First music lessons today. I’ve been hesitant at signing us up for “lessons” and activities because I really do feel like kids are over-scheduled these days.  There are rigid schedules for napping, sleeping, feeding, playing, and if you aren’t following one SOMEONE will recommend a book or expert that says you should.  I used to … Continue reading »

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Scary Walk

OMG!!!!  I just want to cry, vent, and scream all at the same time! I was chased and scared to death my two dogs today while walking with my son around the neighborhood.  I’m NOT a happy mom!!!!    I don’t think I’ve ever been so upset….. I had just left my house and turned onto … Continue reading »

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Busy Weekend!

This weekend was full of FIRSTS!!!! My baby had his first taste of real food for his “1/2 birthday”.  The first day went OK. The second try was MUCH better!  I got all those cute babies faces I was expecting…..and something I wasn’t — he wants to feed himself.  If he can hold the spoon … Continue reading »

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Where, oh Where Have the Sheep Gone….

Where have my counting sheep gone?! You know the ones you count and fall fast asleep…… I’ll tell you where they have gone.  They bailed when they saw me try to remove the swaddlewrap.  Yep, he’s almost 6 months and still semi-swaddled!  I’m beginning to wonder if he will go off to college and still … Continue reading »

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Childproofing to the Next Level

In an effort to increase the play area of our living room and begin childproofing, Don has installed a built-in entertainment center. I’ll be honest, when he said he was going to build it himself I was NERVOUS!  I wasn’t given a picture, plan or drawing of this project — just a description of a … Continue reading »

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Cheers to the New Year

2012 BRING IT!!!!  I’m thrilled to be heading into 2012!   There are so many things to look forward to: starting solids crawling first words standing walking Of course, I can’t really look forward without looking back: pregnancy/birth (blah!) breastfeeding troubles (you can read about those here) happy baby sleeping “through” the night (5-6hr stretches) … Continue reading »

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Soak Up That Winter Sun

Just spent 30 minutes outside, alone, in the sun on my deck without worrying about the baby!  It was HEAVENLY!  For what seemed like hours it was just me, a gentle breeze, the warm sun on my face, & the birds rustling the leaves. Thank you to my wonderful husband who agreed to stay inside … Continue reading »

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