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Busy Weekend!

Posted by on January 9, 2012

This weekend was full of FIRSTS!!!!

My baby had his first taste of real food for his “1/2 birthday”.  The first day went OK.

The second try was MUCH better!  I got all those cute babies faces I was expecting…..and something I wasn’t — he wants to feed himself.  If he can hold the spoon and put it in his mouth then he is happy!  He even eats a fair bit of it.  Today he manged to eat  most of the 1.5 Tablespoons I whipped up.

Feeding himself at 6 months.

Sure it also goes in his nose, hair, between his fingers. on the floor, table, and in MY HAIR but it’s SOOOO cute!


He did the “army crawl” across our living room on Sunday!  Now I’m really thankful we started childproofing early because he can move fast!   I was so shocked the first 3 times that I just sat there in awe watching.  After he got tired Don & I realized we should have grabbed a camera.

So what did we do?  We put him back on the far end of the rug and tried to entice him with toys for the camera!!!!  Oh, I’m not so sure about us sometimes.  The video we got showed very little enthusiasm from our son and way too much from us.  *sigh*  We really did try!


We even managed to catch a break in the rain and take a walk around the neighborhood this weekend.  The last “first” was baby in the back carry position in the ergo.


First ride with dad!


When did your baby become mobile?  Where you ready? 

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