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BIG milestone – BUSY mamma

Posted by on March 4, 2012


In one week my Sunshine (like the nickname?) went from pulling up to taking his FIRST STEPS!  It is just a few days shy of 8 months old and my son is trying to walk.

First pull-up Feb 22, 2012

It totally freaks me out because he has NO fear – none!!!! He will pull up, let go, and either stand there and clap (cutest thing) OR try to walk.  I feel like someone jolted me with an electric fence every single time he does this.  How often does he do this?  ALL THE TIME!  He won’t play with his toys now, he only crawls to the nearest couch, chair, baby gate and pulls straight up.

What really burns me about this new milestone is that I didn’t get to see his first steps.  I’m with this kid 24/7 and when did he take his first steps?  While I was in the shower, grrr….. at least Don got to see a BIG “first.” He even managed to video tape the 2nd set of steps for me.


When did your baby take their first steps?  Did you ever miss a big milestone?

2 Responses to BIG milestone – BUSY mamma

  1. Nichole B

    I’m not sure on the “sunshine” yet….Yes he’s like a little ray of sunshine, just not sure how he’d feel about the ummm…not as manly nickname…. it’s ok you missed his first little steps. You’ve guys had lots of first together and there’s so many more to come. His first driving lesson, his first missed curfew, his first time backroading in s county….hehee

    • Suzanne

      I’m still feeling out the nicknames! I thought I’d test drive a few and see if any sounded good in writing.