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and They Are Gone

Posted by on March 12, 2012

The grandparents have left the building…..

My parents came down for the weekend to help keep my teething baby distracted and busy.  We had the best time!

They brought their new border collie puppy and my kid watched him play fetch all day.  We took the puppy and baby for walks around the neighborhood.  They entertained, played, and kept my baby super busy!   He was so busy and occupied that Don & I got a TON of things done that had been on the “to-do list” forever.

Walking Baby & Puppy

My parents are really great about keeping an eye on the time and watching for fussiness that means “I need mom/food.”  I know lots of people have that problem when nursing babies are hanging out with family, but mine have no trouble handing over the baby to nurse as long as I bring him right back.  I had to nurse him in a quiet room away from all the fun to keep him focused, but that is just the new normal for us.

Little tough stuff even ate more solids while they were here and wasn’t fussy about it at all!  I don’t know if that has more to do with the fact that his tooth finally erupted all the way or their entertainment at meal time.  Either way he ate a huge dinner last night almost 8 oz of food at one sitting!  He also slept better while they were here – even with the time change he slept one 6 hr stretch last night!!!!  We haven’t had that much sleep in TWO months…. they are hired!

I just watched them pull out of the driveway and head back toward Missouri.  As I was standing with my buddy in the Ergo hip carry position waving bye-bye I thought about how quiet it was going to be without them.  In the back of my mind I have this urge to throw together a suitcase, grab a few diapers, and drive up the interstate after them.

I am SUPER jealous of all moms who have family close that are available to come over and entertain the baby.

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2 Responses to and They Are Gone

  1. Shannon Stubbs

    I have all of my family fairly close, within an hour, but nobody really stops by to help out or even visit. Usually we have to go to them. I wish they would stop by, it’s much easier to keep the munchkin entertained when she has her toys and space that is made for her! Not to mention easier for a mom to relax a little bit. I’m amazed by how many peoples moms / family comes to stay with them after the baby is born. I feel like super woman! John went back to work two days after we got home from the hospital.