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A New Chapter in the Sleep War

Posted by on January 15, 2012

The swaddle is GONE!!!! 

It wasn’t the peaceful removal that I expected, but it’s gone now and not coming back.

Thursday night was TERRIBLE in terms of sleep around here.  He woke up crying every 45 minutes… you read that right EVERY 45 minutes from 10pm-6am!  We don’t “cry it out” and besides there was something about this cry that would not have let me do that anyway.  About halfway through this horrific night I gave up on the swaddle since he’s only wrapped around the chest and legs.  Friday night was pretty much the same but instead of every 45 minutes he was awake every 1-1.5 hrs!  I never even bothered with the swaddle.
Where did my baby go that slept 5-7 hr stretches without interuption?  I don’t know.  He’s achieved some major developmental milestones in the last week and I suspect this was the cause of our lost sleep.  He started solids and has prefected the army crawl all in ONE week!


I decided that the solid food might be bothering his stomach so we aren’t doing solids this weekend.  I also realized that we had messed up our bedtime routine… rather we gave up on it.  Last night I started the routine up again and he only woke up 4 times (YEA!!!).  The thing is he’s not waking up hungry …… he’s not waking up at all!   He’s just screaming, crying, tears flowing but totally alseep.  Last night when I picked him up my husband noticed this so we sang his favorite songs until he was awake and were rewarded with a smile!  He nursed back to sleep and that was it.

I don’t have the answers but I’d love to hear some other experiences.

Do babies have nightmares?  Is this all do to the new development? 


5 Responses to A New Chapter in the Sleep War

  1. Jade

    Well Suzanne, I am not good at sleep issues. I have no good advice. My 10mnth old is I not a very good sleeper, but it sounds like you are doing wonderful job!

    • Suzanne

      I’m not sure that any baby is a “great” sleeper! I consider a 5 hour stretch to be sleeping good and 6hrs is GREAT to me. Sometimes I feel like he should have come with an owners manual. :)

  2. Alison

    I never experienced this when Sophia was that young (or I just don’t remember), but I definitely have from maybe 14 months on…. It’s really the saddest, somewhat scary thing to have to witness! One night no amount of cuddling could soothe her. I had to force her to wake up so she could come out of the nightmare. She was thrashing around like she was being tortured! It was so sad. Just hang in there- you’re doing a good job.