Growing Up Too Fast

I’ve had a hard time writing for my blog lately.  I have tons of things to write about, but I have had zero time to sit at a computer and type.  C’est la vie!  I do my best!

The Wild Child is, occasionally, walking unaided and he is just a few days shy of 10 months old.  He will cruise the furniture (or wall) one handed with a toy in the other which terrifies me because he can still be a bit wobbly.  When he reaches the end of the couch he will just TODDLE over to the chair or his pack-n-play!

This new walking ability and independence appears to have changed his sleep cycles.  During the day he’s so busy I’m lucky if he naps for 2 hours in the early afternoon.   We also had to give up on an early bedtime for him.  Every night for the past week Don and I have sat in the floor and let our Wild Child walk back and forth between us until he gets so tired that he runs out of steam and is finally ready for bed.  It might be contradictory to all the books and expert opinions out there, but we all go to bed between 9 and 10 pm.  I don’t really miss the extra nap, but I do miss the early bedtime!   I loved having a couple of hours to just hang out with Don.

Aside from the walking and new sleep patterns he has FOUR new top teeth!!!!  Yes, FOUR!  They started to pop out at the same time while we were visiting my family.  Teething really makes for a crappy vacation.  I’m still breastfeeding and to be sure I was the FIRST to know that there was more than one top tooth!  He hasn’t bit me, but he did try the “lazy night latch” with me and that was not good.  After being taken off and told he had to “nurse correctly” he seems to have gotten the picture.

Yep, that pretty much sums up why I’ve missed the blog hops in the last week!  Glad to be back online!

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The Teething Traveler

I made it to my parents house!

I, miraculously, survived the 6 hour car ride with a teething baby.  When we stopped to nurse and change diapers I tried to give him some time out of the car seat and I kept his medicine on schedule, but the Wild Child cried the last 3 hours of the trip.  I felt so bad for him!  We stopped twice during those last hours in the car for him to get out and look around.  One stop was at a beautiful state park in Arkansas where we strolled around and watched other children feed the ducks.  The other stop was at a friends house so he could crawl, cruise, and bounce off the walls while I got to visit and see her baby boy.  Both stops seemed to be a great distraction, but he was still grumpy.

The tooth that is working on erupting is the central, right, incisor.  This tooth is causing him more pain and misery than those bottom incisors did.  He has a blood blister where that tooth is trying to come out, ouch!  On top of the pain he has a runny nose and congestion brought on from teething.  I feel so bad for my baby boy!  I can feel the tooth starting to come through the gums so hopefully he will feel better in a few days.

I keep thinking 20 baby teeth….. I sure hope this gets easier!

I love to travel and I hope that we don’t have to stop traveling just because the Wild Child is teething.  I have friends that go on big vacations with their babies (under 12 months old), but I’m really wondering how they do it.  So far we have made it to see grandparents and that’s been difficult.  I had high hopes of going on vacation this summer when the Wild Child turns one, but that dream is vanishing fast.  I’m accepting all advice on traveling with a teething baby!

What are your tips or advice on traveling with a teething baby?

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Back In That Car Seat Again

We are home after visiting Don’s family for a week!  What a great trip and opportunity for me to unplug for a few days.

Now, here I sit surrounded by clean piles of laundry, two semi-unpacked suitcases, and a stack of unopened mail wondering how I’m going to get us ready to go AGAIN!  Yes, the Wild Child and I take to the road again on Saturday.  We are off to spend a week with my family.  I’m really not sure what I was thinking planning two family trips back to back.  I feel like a traveling circus or maybe just a sideshow.

I have a hard time deciding what I need to take and what I should leave at home.  I HATE having to run to the store when we are visiting family so I try to bring it ALL with me.  As you can imagine that takes time to plan, pack, and fit into a vehicle!  I really do TRY to only take the things I use every day, but I’m telling you that’s EVERYTHING!  We have a truck with a covered bed and I fill it up when I travel with the baby.  It’s a far cry from the old days when one backpack was enough for any trip.  As with most things in my life this has changed.

Another travel decision is whether or not to take the cloth diapers.  The cloth wipes come with me there is no other option to me.  The diapers are big, take up a lot of space, require special detergent, and wet bags so I’m having a hard time deciding if I should take them with me.  Those disposable diapers are just so handy and there are 80 in a box!  That’s enough for an entire week, right?  I guess I will just see what I have room for after clothes, toys, books, wipes, first aid kit….. yea, you get the idea!


What do you take when you travel with a baby?  Are you able to pack light or do you pack everything including the kitchen sink?


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Milk Guilt and Trying To Heal

This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom
and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined & The Gnome’s Mom

Today’s topic:  Breastfeeding Guilt

I knew that mommy guilt was just part of being a mom.  All of my friends who were moms long before me have mentioned the regrets of not doing this or that correctly.  I didn’t know that I would be saddled with my own version of mommy guilt when my Wild Child was just two weeks old.

At just two weeks old I had to deal with breastfeeding guilt!  It wasn’t that I didn’t have milk, because I had plenty of it.  I was told by our pediatrition that the antibiotic I was taking was hurting him.  Since he was having “foamy” greenish stools and she was a DOCTOR, I just assumed she was correct.  (You can read about my pumping & dumping experience here). 

It was an emotionally traumatic and guilt ridden experience listening to my baby cry for hours and knowing that THE BEST thing for him was MY MILK!   I cried every single time he was given a bottle of formula and so did he!  He projectile vomited (twice) while on formula, was extremely fussy, gassy, cried/screamed and continued to have green-mucous diapers.  The formula was supposed to be for 7 days, but I ended it at 4.5 days.  It was only after finding some REAL help at the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic and Infant Risk that I discovered our Wild Child was dairy intolerant and foamy stool was a known side effect and would not have harmed my child.

I’ve written about this regret as a challenge we were able to overcome.  However, it’s a hard issue for me to come to terms with because I had a great supply and there was NO NEED for formula!  I strongly distrust doctors now when it comes to my child.  He deserves the best from me and I let him down by not getting a 2nd and 3rd opinion.  I should have called experts like the people at Infant Risk and the Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic and asked questions, but I didn’t even know they existed.  

Although, I can not erase those painful 4.5 days from my memory, but I have found ways of coping with my breastfeeding guilt:

1- For my Wild Child:  I became a SAHM (stay at home) instead of returning to work when he was 6 months old.  My original thought was this would allow me to continue to breastfeed him longer since there would be no external demands of my time or energy. 

2- In support of those that I know and hope to know: 

  • I started this blog.  I put aside our old photo website and started writing about my experiences.  Perhaps one day another mom like me will stumble upon this and reconsider her options.
  • I have made an effort to reach out to my friends and encourage them through their breastfeeding struggles. 

3- Provide for others???  The idea came to me one day that by sharing what my baby missed out on I might be able to heal that hole in my heart.  So last week I picked up the phone and contacted a milk bank  to see if I qualify as a donor!  I’m waiting to start the screening process.  The screening is pretty intense since the milk goes to premies and critically ill babies, but I’ll keep you all posted. I’m praying that by suppling my extra milk to newborns in need that I can somehow diminish my own guilt. 

4- For myself:  I plan to continue to breastfeed him and provide the liquid love he needs to grow healthy and strong for as long as I am able!  

Time is supposed to heal all wounds, but I’m not sure it’s going to heal this one.

Do you have any breastfeeding guilt?   Does time truly heal all wounds, including mommy guilt?


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Never Say Never

We are co-sleeping! I never thought I would be doing this. null

Bedside co-sleeper -yes. Room sharing-yes. Co-sleeping – has always been a big fat NO….until Thursday night.

Let me start by saying I have no problem with other families that co-sleep and bed share. I just didn’t see it as something that was for my family. Our Wild Child has always slept great (for a baby) right beside our bed or in his own crib in our room. That was until he turned 6 months and he started teething, crawling, trying to walk, and now separation anxiety has hit BIG time!

After getting up night after night every 2 hours for 3 months I called it quits and brought him into bed with me. The first few nights I also kicked Don out and sent him to the guest room to get more sleep.  We put the mattress on the floor to soothe my paranoia of him falling of the bed.  He starts out in his crib but after the first or second awakening I just move him in with us.  Yes, I have let my dear husband move back in too.  The first night all THREE of us slept in our queen size bed it was interesting.  Over the weekend we got used to it and we are ALL sleeping better.

Just taking a look back through by blog entries should have given me a clue to  move him in and leave him there!

I don’t know why I was being so stubborn!  I think part of me didn’t want to lose that last bit of child free time I had each day.  The other part was just nervous about rolling over on him, but let me tell you he rolls onto ME!

The Wild Child still wakes to nurse 2 or 3 times a night, but now I don’t have to get out of bed!  I feel like a new person after only four nights of doing this.  My road to sleep recovery is paved with baby breathe!!!!

Shh...they're sleeping

 What is night time like at your house?

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Just Move It

This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom
and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined & The Gnome’s Mom

Today’s topic:  Exercise and Breastfeeding

I really wanted to start working out hard core after the Wild Child was born, but in the early months of breastfeeding I was never comfortable in a sports bra for any length of time.   Now, almost 9 months later I have resigned myself to moderate exercise – no diets or marathon training for me.

Here’s what I do instead and it seems to have worked out great.

Walking, walking, walking, oh and more WALKING!!!!

Who needs organized exercise classes when you’ve got hills!  My neighborhood is full of rolling hills to walk up and down.  I’m totally into babywearing and love all my carriers, but using those doesn’t amount to the same kind of exercise as pushing a stroller up a hill.  Add a good headwind into that equation and you’ve got yourself a great thigh workout.

I haven’t noticed any supply changes, but I do make a HUGE effort to stay well hydrated at all times.  I’m usually starving after a good walk so I load up on healthy snacks and fruit!  You would think that this would counteract the walk, but I’m at my pre-baby weight.

The combination of breastfeeding, walking, and babylifting keeps me on track for getting that old body back.

What was your experience with exercise while breastfeeding?

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Blueberry MESS

Making blueberry puree sounded like a good idea…..

My Wild Child loves just about any fruit you put under his nose. By 8 months we had tried pears, apples, bananas, apricots, and peaches.  Since apples and bananas were really hard on his poor stomach I have stopped giving him those for a while.  Of course, that left me pureeing pears, apricots, and peaches like crazy!

I have GALLONS of frozen blueberries (yes, gallons) just hanging out in our deep freeze.  The thought occurred to me that at 8.5 months he was probably old enough to try blueberry puree.  I’ve seen it in the baby food isle in the stores listed as a 2nd food – so why not.  I double checked on the EWG page for domestic blueberries and they are on the “dirty dozen” list so I used organic.


Blueberry Puree Ready To Freeze

I researched a few methods to puree blueberries….. I went with the one found in the “Cooking For Baby” cookbook.

  • puree blueberries
  • strain through fine mesh sieve to remove the larger pieces of skin
  • cook in a sauce pan for 5-7 minutes
  • cool & serve or store

*WARNING this method will result in stained everything! *  I was super careful and still ended up getting stains.

Straining Puree

The end result was plenty of blueberry puree to last for several months, a stained kitchen towel, and bib!

He really LOVES blueberry mixed in with the apricots and peaches.  I have developed my own all fruit breakfast smoothie for the Wild Child using 2 thawed cubes of apricots, 2 cubes of peaches and 1 cube of blueberry.


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Teething Terror

I love when people ask me how things are going these days, but honestly they just don’t want to hear how bad it is so I’ve learned to stay quiet.

No one wants to hear that you haven’t slept in weeks! Or that your child refuses to nap more than 40 minutes and that is with a good 20 minute wrestling while rocking the ninja baby.   YES, we are TEETHING AGAIN……

This TOOTH, that he has been working on for 9 days, must be gargantuan!  My normally bouncing off the walls, swinging from the tree tops, happy as can be Wild Child just feels awful!  He’s fussy, clingy, and just can’t sleep day or night.  We’ve tried EVERYTHING!  The cold teethers, the frozen washcloths, momsicles (frozen breast milk cubes), ice cubes, teething tablets (zero effect).  The tylenol and ibuprofen as prescribed by our doctor only seem to have a minimal effect.

I spend my days alternating cold stuff with nursing which seems to bring some comfort.  I do my best to distract him and put on the worlds best baby entertainment.  He gets lots of riding time in the carrier along with rocking, and bouncing.  Honestly, I’m just feel like I’m not doing a very good job.  He remains miserable and after 9 days I’m frustrated.

It doesn’t help that people keep telling me that they “hardly noticed” when their child was teething.  I keep reminding myself that this will end and he will return to his normal happy state again.  We will all sleep through the night again.  However, with one tooth down and 19 to go I’m having a hard time staying positive.


What was teething like at your house?

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Support For Those With Less

This post is part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop hosted by The Slacker Mom
and co-hosted by Happiness Redefined & The Gnome’s Mom

Today’s topic:  The Lowdown on Low Supply

I’ve never had to deal with low supply issues…..but I know women who have been battling with low supply.

These mommas amaze me and I have pledged to support them during their struggles to meet their personal breastfeeding goals!  It doesn’t take much to support a nursing momma.  A phone call, email or text message every now and then.  You don’t have to say much, just let them know that you are on their side and listen when they talk.


–>Resources that might come in handy when you are dealing with supply issues<–

Mississippi Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic on Increasing Milk Supply.

If you ever need to find a medical specialist in breastfeeding in your area call the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine at 1-800-990-4226 (US toll free).  The ABM can tell you their members in your particular part of the world.   These are actual DOCTORS…. not just lactation specialists.  Sometimes we just need more than our local LCs can provide.


Have you ever experienced low supply?

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Cloth Diapering MY WAY

I’ve had a lot of new moms ask me about the ins and outs of cloth diapering.

I am by NO MEANS an expert on cloth diapers!  This is just how I started, what I started out with, and what we are doing now.

My First Cloth Victim

Newborn to about 4 months we were cloth diapering on a full time basis our stash was made up of the following:

  • 24- OsoCozy indian cotton prefolds
  • 3- BabyKicks hemp prefolds
  • 6- Kissaluvs fitted diapers
  • 9- Thirsties Covers
  • 9- Snappis (to hold down the prefolds)

We used the prefolds & covers during the day and overnight we used the fitted diapers.  I hated messing with the snappis & prefolds in the middle of the night so the fitted diaper with a cover worked perfect for us.

Six days old

Four months – 8.5 months (current age) we cloth diaper 80% of the time with the following pocket diapers:

  • 15- Bumgenius 4.0
  • 1 – BabyKicks 3G
  • 1 – Monkey Doodlez

As my Wild Child began to put on weight and get a bit more baby fat around the thighs we were able to start using the Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers. I had tried these diapers earlier, but they leaked out the legs until he was almost 4 months old.  I love all my pocket diapers.  I purchased the BabyKicks 3G & Monkey Doodlez diapers after reading that they were a trim fit!  A TRIM FITTING cloth diaper – yes, I had to try them!  They are trim and just as absorbent as my thicker dipes.

In the last four months overnight cloth diapering stopped working for us.  He sleeps longer stretches and only wakes briefly to feed before falling back asleep.  So messing around with a diaper change in the middle of the night was not for me anymore!  I will confess here and say I use a disposable at night now.  I would LOVE to find an overnight solution!!!!!!


What’s in the Wash????

When you tell people you plan to use cloth diapers the FIRST words out of their mouth is usually “how do you clean them” with this horrified look on their faces.  As far as washing goes I keep it simple and easy.

I use the “dry pail” method for storing my dirty diaper laundry until washing.  I have a diaper pail plus a washable liner so I just dump the diapers and liner into the wash.  No mess, no fuss – just the way I like it!

I do NOT shake, spray, or dunk my diapers….yuck!  I wash them every other day and I’ve NEVER had a problem with stains. The sun took care of the one or two stained wipes I’ve had.

My wash method:

  • cold pre-wash/rinse
  • HOT wash with bumgenius powder detergent
  • cold extra rinse cycle
  • hang dry the covers
  • tumble dry the inserts & prefolds


** I purchased all these diapers with my own money and the opinions above are mine alone.  I was not compensated by any of the above mentioned companies in anyway.

What is in your stash?  What are your methods for overnight cloth diapering an older baby?

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